Scientific Graphs in Python Using Seaborn

If you are working on a project with multiple authors (or writing an academic paper with others), using the most appropriate and clean way of data visualization to satisfy everyone’s need (and personal taste) might be challenging. Due to differences in background and experience, the way the topic of data visualization is approached, varies between the individuals. This caused some challenges with regards to non-reproducibility and accordingly, time-related issues during my PhD studies, which have motivated me to explore user-friendly (?

Are you still alive after paper rejection?

I have been thinking to start to write here for such a long time. Before corona times, I was running between the experiment rooms and finishing the days with some data analysis. While I was thinking a different life is not possible, the corona situation knocked the door wide open (or actually closed it…) and forced most of us to stay at home. This new lifestyle has supported me to write academic papers from the collected data.